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NC Rush Triad FAQ's

Who is Rush Soccer?

Rush Soccer is an international sports organization focused on the development of soccer players. With teams and players in 42 states and 38 countries, they just might be the most successful youth soccer organization in the world. Their goal is to provide every player in the Rush organization with an unparalleled soccer experience: Progressive, Ambitious, and Comprehensive.

Rush has wanted to expand into the great soccer state of North Carolina for a while but was looking for the right partners, which they have found in Triad Elite. With this new footprint in the Triad, itâ??s a great combination of the tremendous resources of Rush Soccer and the local leadership of several youth soccer professionals who have been leaders in youth soccer in the Triad for close to 3 decades.

Where will the Triad Rush Soccer Teams play?

We will have teams in Winston-Salem and Greensboro. We have secured great convenient locations in both cities so that players in Winston can practice and play there, and players in Greensboro can practice and play there. Our goal is to try and keep things convenient for players and families, so they donâ??t have to spend a lot of time in the car.

We do not have a fancy soccer facility in either city, but we have been selective in securing access to facilities from our City partners in both locations. There are benefits to having our facility, but we want to do everything we can to keep your fees low, so we are partnering with our local cities to utilize their great and convenient facilities. We believe that the most important thing we can provide to our players and families is quality people and programs, and not fancy facilities. One thing that we can commit to is that the quality of training will not suffer as a result of the facilities we use.

Who are your coaches?

We are extremely proud of our coaches and our administrators. Our small leadership team has over 80 years of combined Youth Soccer Leadership experience in the Triad. Our coaches have had tremendous success with youth soccer players both on and off the fields, in the collegiate, club, high school, and even professional ranks. We have staff who have been awarded Coach of the Year for North Carolina Youth Soccer. In addition to winning many championships, our coaches and directors point to the lifelong relationships they have built over the years with their players and families, which we feel is a better indicator of success.

How will Rush be different from other clubs?

The vast resources that the Rush organization brings to the table are incredible. To understand those, please visit Our coaches will have the greatest ability to learn and collaborate with other coaches around the world. The events that are made available to players are unsurpassed in any youth soccer environment anywhere.

As Triad Elite has done for years, we will seek to provide tremendous value with some of the most affordable fees in NC. We have analyzed the fees at other clubs, and in some cases, our fees will be 50%-70% less than some of them. When we donâ??t have to manage expensive facilities and have shared administration resources with clubs all over the country, we can do as such.

What will be the Rush NC philosophy?

Our goal is to make every player count, and not make every player just a number. We are not trying to be the biggest youth soccer club. But we are focused entirely on soccer, and we just want to provide a great option for those who want to play a great game, with caring people. Our priorities of what we will seek to provide include the following:

Coaches and Administrative personnel who care and are focused on every kidâ??s success.

An attitude that our families are our customers and we only exist to serve you.

An affordable program. Yes, we have to pay the bills for experienced coaches and facilities, but that shouldnâ??t mean a fee structure that creates a big burden on families.

Flexibility. We want our program to be important for you and your kids, but we donâ??t want it to completely dominate your life. So we will try to have convenient locations and personnel that you can call to discuss how your child is doing in the program.

Focus. We are 100% soccer. We are focused on helping to develop soccer players and high-character individuals.

    What league will Rush teams be playing in?

    Our teams will be playing in the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) along with hundreds of other teams across the state. Depending on the age and division, our travel teams will play opponents from across the Triad and typically within a 90-minute drive. If you are not familiar with NCYSA, please visit their website at In addition, our Rush players and teams will get to participate in the vast Rush Network, which includes Rush tournaments, Rush Regional Teams, Rush National Teams, Rush International Travel Teams, the Rush Player Loan program, and more. Just visit for details. In other states, Rush teams also compete in leagues such as ECNL, National Premier Leagues, and more. NC Rush will evaluate such opportunities as we progress in NC.

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